Dawn Cripps

My background has not always been in textiles or crafts. In fact I started out as a Geography teacher in South Wales. Having a family and a move up to the Welsh Marches enabled me to pursue a different career path in textiles and embroidery, something I had always been interested in from an early age.

Colour plays an important part in my work. Usually the colours are vibrant and bright though I would like to think that there is some simplicity and subtlety to the combinations. My brooches are something to wear, but are also intended to be items to treasure. The layering of threads, ribbons, and beads ensure that they are all different. In fact, no two will ever be the same !

I spend a lot time collecting 'bits and pieces', re-using and recycling. Quite sure that everything will be used some time or another. My magpie tendencies are also reflected in the subject matter of my pictures. I draw inspiration from a diverse and varied range of influences that includes poetry, nature, music and mythical stories. I find traditional fairytales particularly fascinating and am attracted equally to the ugly and bad-tempered as well as the beautiful and jewel like.

St Johns Place

Hay on Wye


01497 820 556