Jenny Chippindale

A National Diploma of Design in Fashion has led to a long interest in all aspects of fibre and thread. For many years I taught Embroidery and Textile Craft in London and The Midlands.

Since coming to live in the rural landscape around Dorstone in the Welsh Marches, it seems a natural progression to become interested in the possibilities of woollen fleece and its changing character when made into felt.

My work combines a love of the natural world and an interest in the decorative and colourful quality of ethnic embroidery. Felt-making cannot be too controlled and it pleases me that each piece takes on a surprising nature of its own during the felt-making process.

My beads are made from newspaper, then hardened and painted with acrylics. The finished product, necklace or earrings are light and easy to wear,

Commissions welcome.

St Johns Place

Hay on Wye


01497 820 556