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Sophie Sutherland

I have always had a keen interest in art and design and after working in film for several years with John Cleeses company, Video Arts, I decided to move into interior design, working for Colefax and Fowler. Over the years I have continually used my skills in making and design.

Having a particular love of textiles, I began needle felting aiming to predominantly use sheep wool locally sourced in Wales, and it was my rescue dog, Scribble who was the inspiration in making dogs.

Also Exhibiting

Joan Doherty

Joan Doherty trained at the Ulster College of Art and subsequently worked at Kilkenny Design Workshops in Ireland as a demonstration potter and designer for the ceramics industry.

Along with Jack Doherty she set up Doherty Ceramics in Herefordshire in 1983. The ceramic wrens and sparrows are modelled in stained porcelain clays. The "agate" technique of construction means that all the pieces are completely individual. Some are glazed, some not. Some are high fired, some not. All fit comfortably into the hand.

Jane Branney

Jane works predominately in silver, hand crafting jewellery from her home studio. Jane aims to make jewellery that will stand the test of time and will be something that can be worn again and again. She incorporates her love for vintage textiles into her jewellery using them to imprint into the silver to provide contrasting textures and a sense of history to her work. Interest and rich colours in the jewellery comes from adding vintage beads or semi-precious stone beads.

Easter Exhibition: 13th March - 13th May

Perry Lancaster

Each piece is made individually by hand, from wood specifically chosen. The timber must be perfectly seasoned to ensure stability during and after carving. Once the piece is finished it is waxed which adds a protective coat. Perry now works from his home in the Dordogne region of France, creating fine forms with minimal detail thus showing the natural beauty of the wood.

Sarah Withers

Sara produces a range of exquisite jewellery, assembling her own hand crafted beads together with others collected from around the world. Her intricate work is sold at shops and galleries throughout Britain. She also exhibits at selected shows and music festivals.

Sara is the author of several books on the subject. Titles include 'Exotic Beads', 'Beautiful Beading', 'The Encyclopedia of Beading Techniques' and 'The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery.

Druisilla Cole

Drusillas work explores linocuts, in particular, reduction linocuts.

Her artwork demonstrates her fascination with quirky and unusual architectural constructions. Another interest is vintage cermaics and flea market finds. She bases her work on her own photographs or paintings and sketches, whenever possible.

For over twenty five years Drusilla taught as a Senior Lecturer at the University of The Arts, London. Pattern has been an interest of hers and she currently has several books published on the subject.

Jan Fryer

Jan originally taught herself jewellery making, having studied art at art school. Jewellery making gradually grew into the full time occupation it is today.

She works from home in a small riverside village in Gloucestershire, with her two daughters and two dogs.

Jan derives great pleasure from both creating jewellery and the knowledge it gives to her customers. In a world of mass produced items it is noce to have something that is hand crafted and not too perfect.

Amy Prout

Everything Amy makes aims to create something beautiful for people to enjoy. Amy is inspired by nature. She is also inspired by current trends but does not let them dictate what she makes.

Amy has a BA Hons in Fine Art and a love of craft. Her current work is a result of this. She is always experimenting with different materials and ideas and her work is always changing and improving.

Life is far too short not to do what you love.

Hannah Turner

Hannah started her business in 1991 after a sell-out degree show at Bristol University. Her show was inspired by taxidermy and how we display animals as trophies in the home. She took orders to make more of the designs that were sold in the show, and found a local studio and the business was born!

The studio workshop is now based in the garden of her Bristol house, and Hannahs hardest job at present is keeping up with all of the new ideas she has!

Ray Toms

Ray is passionate about making pottery for everyday use. He says that variety is the spice of life and that is his ethos.

He loves experimentation, and the glazes he uses are mostly made from wood ash. He makes these glazes himself from the ash created by his and his friends wood burners.

Blessings from Ray Toms

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Pastor and Potter.